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Explosive Power for youth players

Players and coaches often overlook the importance of building explosive power during training, which seems crazy when we look at how important it is in modern day football.

A lot of this comes down to a simple lack of knowledge or understanding about what power training can bring to your game. An increase in pace over a short distance, the ability to reach maximum speed in the shortest amount of time and the ability to change direction quicker and sharper are all important aspects of breaking through tough well drilled defensive lines and can be improved with the right session plan.


Many clubs have taken to hiring specific strength and conditioning coaches to achieve these results but there really is no need. These tasks can be given to players to do on their own time if you as a coach are restricted to minimal training time each week.

Medicine Ball Lunge 

The medicine ball lunge is a highly effective exercise for building explosive power and enabling players to generate their maximum explosive output.

Depending on the physical stature and age of the player, a light weight of 2, 3 or 4kgs should be used when completing the exercise.


Duration : 15-20 second max

The intensity of this exercise is extremely high and players start with a sharp knee up to their chest before going into a deep lunge, throwing the ball at the same time.

Players alternate legs in order to work both evenly and have equal balance and power on both sides of their body.

The power output of this exercise is generated using the whole body, starting from the toes travelling all the way through their body and driving the medicine ball throw.

If a player does this exercise only using their hands, they cannot improve their explosive power effectively. The power must come from their entire body weight. A highly complex and advanced exercise that will enable players to achieve their optimum levels of explosive power during a competitive match.

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