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Giving your child the best chance at turning professional

In my opinion too many talented young footballers have their careers cut short because of burn out or injury. I believe that by speeding up a players physical development you can dramatically effect their future career by preparing the body for the rigours of professional sport. In Australia there is a real movement away from the… Keep Reading

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Does Beetroot Juice Improve Performance?

The use of supplements for improved performance has been big news in recent years with the AFL scandal and numerous infringements in sports all around the world. With the amount of money involved running clubs and sporting organisations now a day it seems that people are willing to try anything to get an edge. In… Keep Reading

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The importance of freedom in street soccer

It was once the staple diet of every hopeful young soccer player in the world. Long before there were academies, training schools and weekend skills programs the only place for a youngster to hone their skills was on the streets, in the parks and at school with their mates. Amongst the jumpers for goalposts, 22… Keep Reading

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