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Warm Up

UnknownTomas Kovar – Warm Up

From my experience, the biggest issue in semi professional football and youth football in Australia is the incorrect warm up and preparation for the upcoming training session or game. As an ex professional player, the warm up was the most important part of my training session, and can positively or negatively influence the entire session. The patience and understanding of each individual’s needs as a player can be the main factor when eliminating the risk of injury.

One of my personal warm ups is separated into 3 sections.

First is called “Tap Tap” which involves technique and ball work skills followed by medium paced jogs.

The Second section of the warm up is dynamic stretching followed by light explosive work and medium paced jogs.

The Third section is usually quick feet and coordination exercise with ball.

I would like to show you a short video with the second part of my personal warm up before you push the body to do high impact exercises such as sprinting and jumping.

Combination Passing Exercise

This exercise is used for looking for quick combinations around the edge of the box to score goals and can also be used as apart of shooting drill. This exercise was created with the aim of smoothing and perfecting passing combinations in midfield and attacking third of the pitch.
STEP 1: Do this exercise without shooting, work purely on the timing of the passing.

STEP 2: Incorporate this exercise with finishing the drill with shooting, allowing players to understand why this exercise can be effective, relevant and utilised in a game


Be patient (depending on quality of players). It may take players awhile to understand the exercise.
Be very picky and strict about the passing. Ensure it is done correctly and isn’t sloppy because this will translate to the game.
The video attached was filmed from Stage 1 when players were learning the exercise from a relaxed state.

Team Training Session 1

Team Training Session 1  – Session Running Time: Approximately 90 Minutes

Warm Up: – Piggy in the middle (keep things off) – 10 Minutes.
- After 5 minutes jog to halfway and back in 50% of max
- Finish off last 5 minutes of drill

Technique: Tap Tap Exercises (refer to Tap Tap Descriptions and attached video) – 15 Minutes
- First 5 minutes first part of Tap Tap Exercises (refer to descriptions and video) 
- After the first section is completed, dynamic stretching in partners working at the same time using the same area as technique. 
- After completing first round of dynamic stretching, complete second part of Tap Tap – (refer to descriptions and video) Approximately 5 minutes
- Once second part of Tap Tap is completed; finish with the last round of dynamic stretching.

3 vs 1 Exercise: 
- Squares of 5 metres by 5 metres
- 4 players inside each square with 3 keeping the ball and 1 defender
- Max two touch for players keeping the ball
- Coach situated close by on the side, overlooking all grids and holding balls in case a ball goes out of the square and out of reach to be retrieved quickly to keep the rhythm and drill flowing.
- All players have a turn each as a defender after approximately 30 seconds of working depending on

Light jog for a drink and self stretching anything players feel they need to stretch further.

Possession Game with Pressing, Defending and Transferring football into another grid:
- 18 metres by 20 metres grid
- Can be bigger or smaller depending on player ability and number of players.

- The last grid is put around the previous possession game grid in order to capitalise all space and use half a pitch. (Usually the amount of space coaches are designated and have to work with) 
- 2 goals each on both sides of the grid, two metres from each corner to encourage players to switch the ball and explore additional option.

Finish session with cool down and stretching.


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