August 2015

Heart Wings World Live 27-8-2015

The Heart Wings Youth U16 team has started the second part of their physical development and I would like you to have look and make your own opinions about my methods. But first it is important is to realise that the players have got to this stage with the right preparation and planning over the past 18months. You can’t simply start to practice this exercises tomorrow  with your team, if their bodies are not prepared properly.
We are now coordinating these variations of exercise on Tuesdays to increase the explosiveness of our players while also working on strength and flexibility with Yoga classes on Sundays. This is a month program that will increase vertical lift, speed and strength in one Vs one situations. At the same time this type of physical preperation will help in  the prevention of injury during games and training sessions. This is all a layering and building process that must be prepared and delivered in the right way.


Building Explosive Power 1

Skill, is the key word within the Football Federation Australia national curriculum. When you take any of the Junior coaching badges they are all about getting youth players technically ready for what is currently know as the Skill Acquisition Program. I totally understand it. In the past Australian players have been seen as lacking in technique and creativity. But by pushing and drilling coaches about the skill aspect have the FFA scared them out of working on strength and speed, both of which our vital components of world class footballers.


There is a myth that the likes of Barcelona and Ajax forego strength training and they are two of the best producers of top class professional football players in the history of the game.

This is why I recommend working on your players strength by using a few simple exercises.

Vertical Lift

Explosiveness is an important part of this exercise as it helps improve vertical lift.
Players should work with 1.5 kg, 2 kg and 2.5 kg as weight. To maximise the benefit of this exercise we recommending 4-6 jumps max.

If the player starts to struggle ( slows down ) we recommend stopping or decreasing the weight.

This boys U16 Heart Wings World Football Institute

4-6 times – 3 repetitions at 2.5 kg

Does Beetroot Juice Improve Performance?

The use of supplements for improved performance has been big news in recent years with the AFL scandal and numerous infringements in sports all around the world. With the amount of money involved running clubs and sporting organisations now a day it seems that people are willing to try anything to get an edge. In cycling it blood transfusions have been big as riders look to increase the overall oxygen intake to their muscles.

But the truth is you don’t have to go down the illegal route to get the best out of your body. There are many different fruits and vegetables that will help tune your vital organs and set them working at maximum. The most recent research seems to be pointing to the common beetroot as one of the most potent ways of improving your overall performance by doing the same thing as a blood transfusion, or other forms of blood doping, by improving the body’s oxygen consumption.

But how does it work?

Our friends at Training Peaks have looked at the science behind the beetroot and exactly how it should be used for your training regime.

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