The use of supplements for improved performance has been big news in recent years with the AFL scandal and numerous infringements in sports all around the world. With the amount of money involved running clubs and sporting organisations now a day it seems that people are willing to try anything to get an edge. In cycling it blood transfusions have been big as riders look to increase the overall oxygen intake to their muscles.

But the truth is you don’t have to go down the illegal route to get the best out of your body. There are many different fruits and vegetables that will help tune your vital organs and set them working at maximum. The most recent research seems to be pointing to the common beetroot as one of the most potent ways of improving your overall performance by doing the same thing as a blood transfusion, or other forms of blood doping, by improving the body’s oxygen consumption.

But how does it work?

Our friends at Training Peaks have looked at the science behind the beetroot and exactly how it should be used for your training regime.