Having explosive speed in football can be a lethal weapon. Many modern day teams build their whole ethos around attacking with quick, positive passing and raw speed. Liverpool are the perfect example while Gareth Bale has built a pretty decent career on pure explosive pace.

“When I was younger my dad told me I wasn’t the quickest and that I had to work hard on it, so ever since then I have done a lot of speed work.

You can’t turn yourself into a speed machine, but you can make small differences by being a step ahead in your mind,” Frank Lampard

Although nature will  determine which of have the muscle fibres capable of carrying us to Olympic glory there is nothing from stopping us from becoming faster than what we are right now.

Drill for building explosive speed



Three different types of movement in this the exercise with high concentration on touch improve speed, coordination and passing ability under maximum speed intensity of the player.

This exercise can be use in individual session but also in team training.

Important part of improving speed is low number of repetition with evolving the highest possible speed of individual player.