UnknownTomas Kovar – Warm Up

From my experience, the biggest issue in semi professional football and youth football in Australia is the incorrect warm up and preparation for the upcoming training session or game. As an ex professional player, the warm up was the most important part of my training session, and can positively or negatively influence the entire session. The patience and understanding of each individual’s needs as a player can be the main factor when eliminating the risk of injury.

One of my personal warm ups is separated into 3 sections.

First is called “Tap Tap” which involves technique and ball work skills followed by medium paced jogs.

The Second section of the warm up is dynamic stretching followed by light explosive work and medium paced jogs.

The Third section is usually quick feet and coordination exercise with ball.

I would like to show you a short video with the second part of my personal warm up before you push the body to do high impact exercises such as sprinting and jumping.