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Building Explosive Power 1

Skill, is the key word within the Football Federation Australia national curriculum. When you take any of the Junior coaching badges they are all about getting youth players technically ready for what is currently know as the Skill Acquisition Program. I totally understand it. In the past Australian players have been seen as lacking in technique… Keep Reading

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Warm Up

Tomas Kovar – Warm Up From my experience, the biggest issue in semi professional football and youth football in Australia is the incorrect warm up and preparation for the upcoming training session or game. As an ex professional player, the warm up was the most important part of my training session, and can positively or… Keep Reading

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Combination Passing Exercise

This exercise is used for looking for quick combinations around the edge of the box to score goals and can also be used as apart of shooting drill. This exercise was created with the aim of smoothing and perfecting passing combinations in midfield and attacking third of the pitch. STEP 1: Do this exercise without shooting, work purely… Keep Reading

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Team Training Session 1

Team Training Session 1  – Session Running Time: Approximately 90 Minutes Warm Up: – Piggy in the middle (keep things off) – 10 Minutes.
- After 5 minutes jog to halfway and back in 50% of max
- Finish off last 5 minutes of drill Technique: Tap Tap Exercises (refer to Tap Tap Descriptions and attached video)… Keep Reading

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The importance of freedom in street soccer

It was once the staple diet of every hopeful young soccer player in the world. Long before there were academies, training schools and weekend skills programs the only place for a youngster to hone their skills was on the streets, in the parks and at school with their mates. Amongst the jumpers for goalposts, 22… Keep Reading

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